To start you will need to download the Ruby installer for windows from here:

Follow the prompts to install ruby, set your installation path to one you will remember, and tick the box to “Add Ruby executables to your PATH”


Launch a new command prompt window (Click start, type CMD & press enter). Navigate to your Ruby’s bin folder using cd \Ruby\bin (Hit Enter)

Install SASS using the command gem install sass (Hit Enter)2-cmd-gem-install-sass

If at this stage you receive the following error:

You will need to update your gems version using the method found here (latest release at time of writing: 2.6.7)

Otherwise your SASS install will complete3-cmd-gem-install-sass-installed

Now you can close the Command Prompt window and go to NetBeans

From the top menu, go to Tools > Options, then select the HTML/JS tab followed by the CSS Preprocessors tab

In the Sass Path field, point to the sass.bat file in your Ruby’s bin directory, then click OK

With an existing project, or a new one, Right-Click your project name in the NetBeans project browser and select Properties.

From the Project Properties pop-up window select CSS Preprocessors. Tick the “Compile Sass Files on Save” box. Setup watch directories as you require.


Options may vary depending on project type

If you wish for your output CSS to be minified, enter --style compressed in the Compiler Options box.

Create your watch folders as you entered above into your projects structure.

Now as soon as you create a new .scss file in your Input directory or save changes to one, NetBeans will automatically compile the file to .css in your Output directory!


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