I have just moved into a flat with my wife, so decided to purchase a new tank, rather than transport my rather ageing Juwel Rekord 70.

I’d been planning a new tank purchase for the future, and had been looking at the Fluval Roma 200, but for a small flat, that would have been a little too big.

Maidenhead Aquatics supplied the tank and cabinet, along with 2 x 10KG bags of JBL Sansibar grey sand. I had been warned to pre-wash the sand as it was usually pretty dusty, especially the grey! This is my first time using sand, and although I thought I had cleaned it thoroughly, adding water to the tank proved otherwise!

Fluval Roma U3 Dirty Water

The tank came with a Fluval U3 internal filter, that I had planned to use to help cycle the tank – even though I would be using 70L from the old tank, and the AquaMata 300L external filter. The U3, quite cleverly can operate on it’s side, so I’ve filled the tank with just enough water to cover it to operate. I’ll perform daily water changes and wash the pads to help the dust. Hopefully by the weekend, it’ll be clear enough to start planning the tank layout.


Friday evening the water had started to clear, so I added a few clippings from a plant that had been quite strong and quick growing in my old tank. (Sorry, not sure of the names of anything I have, it was a bulk buy off ebay)

First Plants in the Fluval Roma 125

As these seemed to take off quite well, with liquid fertilizer dosing, I collected more plants from the old tank to start the planting. I collected these by the roots, and replanted, so hopefully they’ll take off even quicker.


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