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I’ve Parked Here has recently undergone changes to upgrade it to become a Windows 10 Universal Windows App (although still only available on Mobile devices). This update includes a complete UI refresh. This article will be updated in due course when Version 2.2 is released.


I am very pleased to announce that I have released my first ever App for Windows Phone 8.1SplashScreen

It’s a very simple app, mainly to test that I can code properly in C# and XAML and pass the certification process for Windows Phone.

The app finds your current location and displays it on the map. When the user chooses, the point will be saved to the device memory. The map will then show the saved location and the devices current location.

wp_ss_20150218_0001A simple, but effective way of finding your way back to your vehicle when you’ve left it in a large car park for a day of shopping!


Future versions should see the ability to save notes, for example ticket expiry time or floor number. Also I plan to integrate with Cortana, you could just activate Cortana and say “I’ve Parked, Here” and she’ll save your location!


More information and a download link can be found on the App’s website here:

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