Having had a bad run with cars lately, my fiancée and I decided to see if we could afford a new, but fun car.

Something that I could afford to run, with my approximate 15,000 a year mileage. Something that wouldn’t break the bank. Something that would mean we could still afford our wedding, and ultimately a house. But most importantly, something that I could use on a daily basis, without getting bored of it! Unlike the Mondeo!

There was one car that immediately sprang to my mind. A car that I have lusted after since first seeing the photos of it at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The only modern hot hatch that I look at and think “one day”.

Well that day came! I picked it up on Thursday 31st July 2014. A 4 month old ex-demo car with 4,441 miles on the clock. The last time I saw that number on a car’s odometer I was driving my 1997 Fiesta LX which rolled over 100,000 miles!

Home after a clean

The car I purchased has a fairly ‘standard’ spec. Style pack, and convenience pack are the only extras. The style pack is fitted to nearly every car sold, so as of March 2014 it was included as the basic spec for ST-2 and the new ST-3 spec cars.

I picked the car up as soon as the dealership opened, as I had to travel to Sherborne for a friends wedding. On that one trip, we had a great mix of roads to test the car on. I fell in love with it. The dump valve with the window open. The (piped) induction noise in the cabin. The firm, but comfortable ride. The feel of the steering, perfectly in harmony with the road. But of course, the beautifully sculpted Recaro part leather seats.

I felt great confidence in the car in a very short space of time. Throwing it harder and harder into corners, to get a feel for what the car is capable of. I don’t plan to do much to the car, maybe the Mountune MP215 package and changing some bulbs to LEDs. But that’s about it for now.

We are now nearly two months, and more than 1,500 miles into ownership and I’m still in love with it just as much as the day I picked it up!

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