Rob Trehy

Rob Trehy

Software Specialist IT Technician

At a Glance


Robert Lloyd Trehy




April 1990


Sunbury-on-Thames, LONDON, England


Ashford, Surrey, England


Photography, Cars and Racing

About me

As a Christian, I have been a member of my Churches Boys’ Brigade Company since I was 5 years old. During this period, I achieved every award possible including the Queens Badge, the highest award. I am now the Company Captain and help other young people to achieve their awards.

The first website I ever built was infact for the company. A friend and officer who currently looked after it, handed everything over to me, including an old copy Adobe Dreamweaver (CS3, I believe) and showed me the ropes! – It was because of this man, that I got into the computer industry.

All my programming knowledge has been self-taught through either online tutorials or other printed resources. I push myself with each new project to try and overcome obstacles with a bit of trial and error. Most of the time I succeed, but every now and then Google comes to the rescue!

My Skills

I have taught myself the following programming languages and technologies over the years. Although self-taught, my code always complies to the latest standards in terms of both security and good-practice.

HTML & CSS 95%
PHP & MySQL 90%
jQuery 85%
WordPress 75%
Joomla 60%
C# 75%




Richmond upon Thames College / Kingston University 2 Years
September 2008 – July 2010

I also completed a Higher Apprenticeship for ICT Professionals, Level 3 NVQ for IT Professionals and Level 3 Key Skills.


Richmond upon Thames College 2 Years
September 2006 – June 2008

Work Experience


Lady Eleanor Holles 2 Years
January 2016 - Present

My role at Lady Eleanor Holles is;

  • To assist with all escalated helpdesk support calls from both student and staff members.
  • To provide general technical support and problem resolution, including building of workstations.
  • To provide technical advice and support to staff and provide practical assistance as required.
  • To manage the maintenance of printers and photocopiers.
  • To contact vendors when necessary to resolve problems as soon as possible.
  • To provide Audio Visual cover for school events.
  • To set up laptops, projectors and sound in rooms that lack these provisions.
  • To assist with the installation and maintenance of network cabling as required.
  • To support and manage mobile devices throughout the school.
  • To oversee any third-party company installations.
  • To take a lead role in the packaging, management and deployment of all end-user software for use across the school.
  • To hold records of all software licences and cross-reference the same to individual computer processors.
  • To manage the allocation of software/packages to user workstations.
  • To manage the deployment of the MIS system (SIMS .net) across the entire school.
  • To provide specialist support to SIMS with day to day issues.
  • To provide specialist support for all HR, Payroll and Finance software packages.
  • Assist in planning and implementing changes to elements of the ICT service as required.
  • Monitor routine back-up’s through Veeam Backup and Replicate (Disk to Tape) and resolve any issues.
  • To install, configure and manage the Anti-Virus package across the network.
  • Understand the hardware and software configurations of all networks and be able to upgrade, fault find and resolve issues with the servers and associated software.


Surbiton High School 7 Years
July 2008 - December 2015

My role at Surbiton High School was;

  • To provide 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to both students and staff members with Windows 7 workstations and Apple iPads.
  • To contact vendors when necessary to resolve problems as soon as possible.
  • Maintain an accurate list of IT assets held by Surbiton High School.
  • Install and maintain networked print devices through Equitrac Print Management Software (Ricoh).
  • To provide Avaya IP Telephone System support for end users.
  • Ensure successful routine back-up’s with Symantec Backup-Exec and Veeam Backup and Replicate. (Disk to Tape)
  • Create and manage user mailboxes with Microsoft Exchange 2010 management tools.
  • Assist users with updating their Microsoft Outlook Profiles to switch to Office 365.
  • Create and manage user mailboxes with Office 365 admin tools.
  • Install, configure and maintain WDS/MDT deployment, including online servicing of thick images and initial installation and configuration of the Windows Server 2008 R2 environment.
  • Install, configure and maintain an application deployment package (PDQ Deploy) for both MSI and EXE installers.
  • Monitor and resolve issues on any of our physical or virtual (VMWare) servers running Windows Server 2008 R2 and 2012.
  • Maintain and operate the A/V systems in the assembly halls.
  • Operate, review and capture footage from the CCTV systems.
  • Supervise and support the roll-out of one-to-one iPads for all staff and most students. (Year’s 3 to 13)
  • Configure, Deploy and Manage 5 trolleys of shared use iPads with Apple Configurator.
  • Maintain the use of Aruba ClearPass to filter AirPlay access to nearby PCs only.


Below you can find information on just some of the projects I have worked on recently.

The current showcase mostly contains live websites, but I’ll try to add other projects shortly.


This website includes a custom built Content Management System. The style is based upon the national BB website and style guidelines.


This website includes a custom built sales page, making listing cars for sale a breeze. A new version of this website, powered by WordPress, is in the works.

FordGuides - The online community forum for Ford owners

Initially starting as the Fiesta MK4 Owners Club, the forum has been powered by many software packages. This final incarnation runs on Invision Power Board using a customised version of a theme.
Unfortunately, with the growing success of Facebook Groups, the forum no longer gets as much traffic as it used to. For the time being I have left it to run quite happily, although it may get shut down one day.

Rob Trehy

IT Technician - Software Specialist, Car Enthusiast & Photographer

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